Modelling is the process of creating three-dimensional computer images or representations that can be used to analyse an object. Construction engineers tend to use modelling software to help them visualise structures they are designing, which speeds up the planning process because it reduces the amount of time spent making changes in 2D drawings.

3D visualisations can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, they might be used to assess the impact of new buildings or structures on the surrounding environment, which helps engineers to make changes that reduce any potential damage.

3D modelling can also be used to create visualisations that show how proposed structures might look once they are built. They can also be used as part of public consultations as they allow people to see what the results would look like in the real world, rather than as „flat” maps on a page.

This is particularly useful for planning purposes because it allows engineers to make changes to their designs before committing to building them, which reduces time and costs.

A 3D modelling system also allows engineers to create more accurate images and visualisations that can be used for risk assessment purposes.

Laser scanning is an excellent choice for creating accurate 3D scans which provide detailed information about how different parts of a structure, such as a building or other structures, fit together.

Maps and plans are produced to scale, designed to show the details of the environment accurately. Accuracy is vital as these plans may be used to calculate flood risks, resolve boundary disputes, and many other uses.

Topographical surveys are commonly used for planning the construction of roads, railways, pipelines, etc. and can help inform the placement of buildings within a construction area.

Topo maps are created by a topographer taking measurements of the land, including all physical features, and producing a map to the specification required. Contour lines showing changes in ground elevations concerning distance or direction will be included.

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Laser scanning is a tool that can be used to create 3D models and maps of objects. This technology has become widely available in recent years, which allows engineers to more easily assess the state of infrastructure such as bridges, roads, and buildings

In the past, these types of projects would have been difficult or impossible because they require manual surveying skills. However, there is less need for expensive equipment with laser scanning, and the results can be obtained and analysed more easily.

The main benefit of laser scanning is that it produces highly accurate 3D point cloud. This data can then be used to create a wide range of visualisations, which can be helpful for engineers and designers alike.

We are authorized to make projects on power substations, power lines and other types of buildings.

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Clock Field

A development of 33 three-, four-, and five-bedroom houses in Turners Hill. Geo Cart Ltd delivered complex site engineering surveys and setting out services to ensure successful project completion.



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Dawid Wójcik
Dawid Wójcik
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Perfect projects and customer approach.
Michael Hutchings
Michael Hutchings
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Perfect service! We have used GeoCart for years, I find them very professional, friendly and efficient. Can not be any happier with the service I receive. Also competitive pricing. Highly recommended!
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson
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We have used GeoCart on various projects for setting out and ground penetration radar surveys and have found them to be very knowledgeable, flexible to the requirements of a construction site and more importantly accurate.
Lukas Da Costa
Lukas Da Costa
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Robert at Geo Cart is a exceptional engineer and very knowledgeable within the Rc Formwork set out, as well as many other aspects. Can’t speak highly enough of him and the service that he provides. We continue to use Robert on our projects as he always helps with the smooth operation from start to finish and helping us achieve the highest possible quality for clients.
Will Harris
Will Harris
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GeoCart Ltd Have worked on several of our grid projects doing all the Engineering setting out work for our pile locations and recording has builts as req Found them highly professional and very punctual in all aspects of there works Regards Will Harris ScrewFast Foundations