Utility Survey PAS 128

Utility Survey PAS 128

Desktop utility search is a recommended part of any underground utility survey. Searches are made by contacting major utility companies (including gas, electric, telecommunications, water/sewer, etc.) to request plans relating to their assets and installations across, through, over, or under a particular site.

Any plans received from utility providers will often be in the form of large CAD drawings depicting all locations and services they have within a specific area.

This allows decisions to be made on upcoming work, how any connections to existing services may be made, and so on. It provides a good overview before any physical ground investigation is required.

The utility providers will also be able to advise on any locations of services that are not shown on their plans. Both local and national utility providers may be contacted dependent on the requirements of the survey. It is essential to understand that it may not be possible to obtain the relevant information for certain types of utility services before a ground investigation takes place.

Checking against plans from utility providers before starting work can save time and money by avoiding costly mistakes later on. It also helps minimize disruptions once the works have begun, as any unforeseen underground risks or conflicts can be identified and planned around.

We provide extensive information to help our clients make informed decisions about their projects, whether it’s for planning purposes or a physical works site visit.

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An underground utility survey is used to detect utilities in the ground, such as water, gas, and sewer lines. This type of survey aims to find any utilities for any project that may affect them.

These projects can be anything from digging a hole in a garden to planting trees up to constructing a new building, road, bridge, railway, etc.

Underground utility surveys are required by law before beginning construction projects that might affect these types of utilities. They are vitally important for safety and to help avoid costly repairs after the fact: if you don’t know there are existing cables or pipes below the ground you are working on, there’s no way you can avoid damaging them.

Our underground utility surveys are compliant with PAS 128, the British Standards Institution specification for underground utility detection, verification, and location so that you can be sure of accurate and comprehensive results.

We are authorized to make projects on power substations, power lines and other types of buildings.

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Dawid Wójcik
Dawid Wójcik
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Perfect projects and customer approach.
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Michael Hutchings
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Perfect service! We have used GeoCart for years, I find them very professional, friendly and efficient. Can not be any happier with the service I receive. Also competitive pricing. Highly recommended!
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson
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We have used GeoCart on various projects for setting out and ground penetration radar surveys and have found them to be very knowledgeable, flexible to the requirements of a construction site and more importantly accurate.
Lukas Da Costa
Lukas Da Costa
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Robert at Geo Cart is a exceptional engineer and very knowledgeable within the Rc Formwork set out, as well as many other aspects. Can’t speak highly enough of him and the service that he provides. We continue to use Robert on our projects as he always helps with the smooth operation from start to finish and helping us achieve the highest possible quality for clients.
Will Harris
Will Harris
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GeoCart Ltd Have worked on several of our grid projects doing all the Engineering setting out work for our pile locations and recording has builts as req Found them highly professional and very punctual in all aspects of there works Regards Will Harris ScrewFast Foundations